Axapta Payroll module

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I want payroll module in axapta please can anybody help me.

As far as i know - AX got a payroll module which is based on US standards.

You need to develop your own module to meet the INDIAN standards & Statutory Requirements. Already there are some Add-ons for payroll available in the market.


Loki Systems* ( are the ISV who developed global payroll module. Initially their focus was on US and Canada; however in the recent past they have extended their product to other countries including UK (certified by HMRC). You might want to get in touch with them.

  • I do not have any commercial interest in their products

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To use Payroll module on AX, you need to install a separate patch through AX installation procedure.

Once it is installed, Payroll appears as a separate module on the Navigation Pane.This provides exclusive functions for Payroll functions which also works in connection to HR module.

Any further help required, feel free to ask.

Hi Mohammed,

I am with Loki Systems and we offer a payroll module in AX. We have customers in 9 countries and are working with a partner to implement our payroll at a customer site in India. This project is currently nearing completion.

Please feel free to contact our Sales team at and we can provide you with more information.


Do you have a payroll solution for Germany as well?