Axapta 3.0


I’m new to this user group and I really hope someone can help me with this. I started working for a company which is still extensively using navision axapta 3.0 and there’s no manual available nor is there sufficient knowledge about the system in the company. The way they are doing things at the moment seem fairly inefficient to me and I’d like to review most of the business processes. Therefore I’d urgently need a manual of Axaptat version 3.0. I’ve tried to get access to MS customersource and I’ve also tried to look it up on internet but no luck so far.

Does anyone know where to get the user manual?

Thank you!


I’m currently wondering about the same. I hope you or somone else have the manuals/knows where to find them.

please mail me i will send you what ever i have on

Axapta 3.0



Same for me, need more documentation, Im sending you an email right away…

Rohit, thanks for the great documentation!