Hi all, I need documentation For Human Resource Section in Microsoft Navision Axapta 3.0 sp4. and For Balance Score Card. I am facing problem in understnding about indicators and how ot use them If anyone know the link for documentatin then i will be thankful or if any have then pls send e to

In that case you are wrong in this forum, as this one is the Navision (Attain/Financials) Developer Forum, maybe one of the admins can move it to the right section ?-

Is this really a Navision query? The OP has mentioned both Axapta as well as Navision [?] Harish Mohanbabu

User guides and getting starting guides for all modules in Axapta can be found on the installation CD. The guides have som cryptics names starting with AX-300-USG + a fortrunning number. I don’t know where to get them at the net, since MBS shut down technet. Microsoft Navision Axapta is just one in a long list of names Axapta has been branded with. Best regards Steen Andreasen MORPHX IT @