Ax 4 and AX 2009 clients could be installed in the same PC


we’re migrating from AX 4 to AX 2009 and we need to have a little time available (couple of weeks) to test migrated functionalities on 2009.

In order to make this test and in order to make some training on the job we need to install AX2009 client (working on test environment) in some PC client where is still running AX 4 cliet (working on production environment).

Is it possibile this configuration or could we encounter some troubles?

Pls let me know

While installing the 2009 client there’s a message that comes up saying that it won’t overwrite or other clients on the system. We had the same situation (went live a week ago) though we’re running 3.0, but had no problems running them on the same system (even Citrix) side by side.

Find a system that you can install it on side-by-side and try it out.

Yes, you can safely install AX 4.0 & AX 2009 side by side without any problem. We do it all the time in our dev invironment.

That’s work.

Thanks for help.


That’s work.