AX 2012 R2 - SO fully invoiced but still have deducted transactions

Hi all,

My SO has already fully invoiced (1500 pieces), but when I check invoice journal, one invoice line have 2 transactions (1 sold (1500 pieces); 1 deduction (1500 pieces). I don’t know how to reverse deducted transaction since my on hand report also deduct 3000 pieces for this SO.

Please help me, since we have an counting inventory by 15th of August.



What is the status of your SO?

what is the quantity in SO Line? what is inventory trans status when you see from SO Line?

Looks like you shipped it twice, have a look at the shipment/delivery journals.

My SO is fully invoiced. Status of all SO line is invoiced. When I check in inventory transaction; this SO still have 1 deducted transaction with quantity 1500 piece like I described above. I don’t know how to reverse this transaction since SO is fully invoiced. The deducted quantity also counted on my on hand.

Can you show the quantity line tab as a screen shot?

In inventory transaction, the SO still have one line have physical value but not financial value. It seems that this line is just delivered not invoiced. But in fact, my SO is fully invoiced; and in my packing slip journal and invoice journal, this line doesn’t exist. That’s why I cannot reverse this transaction. But it deducted my inventory

You can see in my screen shot the SO is fully invoiced.

Seems strange issue. You try this in Test.

Increase your SO quantity to 3000, then the SO status may change to “Delivered”. Then try doing SO Invoice by selecting quantity as “Packingslip”

observe whether you get the 1500. If so, Invoice it and check if everything goes fine.

Just a though not sure whether it resolves the prob.

I would still like to see the quantity tab on the sales line. [:D]

Was the order manually keyed into the system or imported?

The order was manually input.

I checked the quantity on order lines, I saw that inventory quantity is 3000 pieces and invoice remainder is 1500 pieces (it should be inventory quantity: 1500 pieces and invoice remainder: 0 pieces). How could I invoice the remainder because the order line status is invoiced.

6648.pic 3.jpg

Not quite the quantity “tab” but it gives us the information causing the issue seeing that it is driven from the sales line itself. I presume the quantity tab would also show 3000 delivered, but you said on the dispatch/shipment note there was one for 1500? So any customizations in this area at all - shipping/invoicing, becayse I am pretty sure I could not replicate as standard an invoiced line with an invoice remainder >0 :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity i tried replicating this and succeeded. Could you confirm, by chance you are seeing any over delivery percentage for the specific Line.

@Adam - Seems like during the packingslip update “Line details” has a fieldgroup “inventory” under which the “quantity” field is editable. Probably in that field, user gave 3000, it created inventory trans of 3000 but packing slip got updated for 1500.


Nice finding Santosh.

Isn’t it a bug because SO status is invoiced and no further posting can be done whereas Invoice remainder has some value which gives wrong information about inventory.

I am wondering what will happen if we manually update invoice remainder to 0 or is there any other ay to update inventtrans.


@Santosh: thanks for your finding. I also replicated successfully as your instruction. But I still have 2 questions:

  1. In my previous picture, the inventory quantity is 3000, but if I follow your step my inventory quantity is only 1500

  2. In my case, how can I reverse or invoice the remaining quantity?

Hi all,

Any solution for this issue?


Hi Hoai,

have you resolved this? or still waiting for resolution?

Hi Santosh,

I tried to reverse the invoice; but the deducted transaction was still there. So yes, still waiting for resolution. :frowning:

Do you have any solution for our case?


I’m thinking of a solution but the end result of you inventory trans may be as follows.

After reversing this SO, You should post a new SO properly.

-1500 sold

-1500 deducted

1500 purchased

1500 Received

→ Later, we might need to do some back end corrections in “inventsum” table. What do you think about it

May you explain your solution more detail? Because I already reversed, but the 1500 deducted transaction still pending. I thought inventory journal resolution (movement, adjustment…); but I don’t know whether it will affect inventory cost or not.

@Santosh - did you pick 1500 and then ship 3000 by editing the line in the packing slip process itself?

@Adam- are you talking about original problem replication? if so,

I didn’t pick the items. Directly shipped 1500 by editing inventory quantity as 3000. So, it created inventory trans of 3000.

@Hoai -

you didnt confirm me whether “over delivery” percentage is specified for that SO Line