AX 2012 R2 - SO fully invoiced but still have deducted transactions

@Santosh - yes the replication steps. No pick, sales order for 1500, ship 3000 by altering the line with presumably an all parameter and then invoice all? [:D]

@Santosh - No over delivery specified for SO

My user enter this SO; I don’t know whether they set the over delivery then remove it or not; when I checked; no over delivery specified for the SO

I guess you need to update inventtrans through AX job as inventsum is based on it. I still feel that this is a bug, raise a ticket to MS.


@Pranav - I agree with you pranav, It must be a bug

@ Hoai - try this

set the Delivery now as “-1500”

during the packingslip update set “Inventory” field to “-3000”

during Invoice set the “Inventory qty” field to “-1500”.

Your inventory trans may look like this:

-1500 sold

-1500 deducted

1500 purchased

1500 Received

approach your developer to write the job to change the “Deducted” status to “Sold”(My suggestion is not Leave the “Financial cost amount as 0”

also get the “Received” status to “Purchased”. Ask him to update the Inventsum accordingly.

@Adam and Pranav - What do you think

what we are doing in above resolution is just reversing the wrong updates. Once you are done with that, create a new SO and post it properly.


I can’t not do packing slip with Delivery Now quantity as your suggestion.


Hi all,

Finally, we found resolution. We updated SO line deliver remainder -1500 than post packing slip.