AX 2012 CustInvoiceJour table update


i have added a string field that needs to be inserted along with other fields in CustInvoiceJour table whenever a sales invoice is posted.

i have tried calling the method in the init() of the table, as well as in SalesInvoiceCreateJournal,InitJournalHeader() however no result.

what i am trying to do is, whenever a record is posted to custInvoiceJour, i need to update a string field from the InvoiceDate field on the table.

any ideas?

Hi Lola,

Whenever u post sales invoice , SalesFormInvoiceContranct Class is called. see here and debug u can find the right place .


thanks for your reply.

i have tried debugging the class but it has not method that directly updates the custinvoicejour.

i just need to tell the system to update a field in custinvoicejour (or custinvoicetable i can use this instead too) whenever a new record is inserted in the table.

the other field will be updated according to this method:

custInvoiceJour.DateHijri = Global::ConvertGregorianToHijri(CustInvoiceJour.InvoiceDate);

so where can i place this assignment method?

(have also tried placing it on the init() and the insert() but no luck)

Hi Lola,

i have a same problem, did u get the solution? pl share the solution…

refer to the class salesinvoicejournalcreate method :initJournalHeader

CustInvoiceJour table is updated from initFromSalesParmTable or initFromLedgerJournalTrans methods, the update that you made in insert method should be work fine , but you need "Generate incremental CIL (Ctrl+shift+f7) in the AOT to refresh the code because part of process invoice runs on CIL.