AX 2009 - form DS which type choose?


I want add new tab to inventTable form. Tab will have price for some new sales module. I added new DS (table: artECPriceDisc) but I can’t use inner join because not all itemId are in new module. I want create new record from inventTable form if user wants define price for new item.

which link type I should use ?


You should use the left outer join.

On forms it’s look ok, but when I’m creating new record AX doesn’t trigger initValue method on artECPriceDisc_DS. New record doesn’t have filled artECPriceDisc.ItemId field.

Relation is inventTable.ItemId == artECPriceDisc.ItemId

Active this right link type

I suggest you to check with the developer or you must know ‘join’, get help from ‘google’