AutoLookup in gride view cell according to selected field.


I am new to axapta and learning axapta my own. Here no one is going to ans my question that what is feel. Please reply if you people have any solution for below problem.

I have created a grid view of Leavemaster table and leaveApplication table. There is filed LeaveId in leaveMaster and foreign key in LeaveApplication table. i want to do when i select leaveId in LeaveAppliation table automatcally related fields like leaveName should be filled according leaveId. please suggest me solution. Thank you in advance.

You can write the code in modified() method of leaveApplication table. the code snippet given below

public void modifiedField(fieldId _fieldId)
super (_fieldId);

case fieldnum(LeaveApplication, LeaveId) :
this.leaveName = LeaveMaster::find(this.leaveId).leaveName;


You can take reference from salesTable → modified() also.


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