Attain 3.70 - Commit Cache is full

Hi! we have navision 3.70 with its own database running. server has 2,5 GB memory, Navision Cache with Commit 1.000.000 GB navision database is 64 GB (reserved 45GB, size 64GB, licensed 132 GB) my problem: some users get often the following error message: commit cache is full and a counter is running. we have 16 drives every 8 Gb large on an external array running. (2 emulex fibrechannel cards in every computer and 2 hsg 80 controller) every *.fdb file is 4 GB - 4GB on every harddisk empty, one thing I saw now is that we have on every server machine 17 slave.exe processes but we have only 16 disk drives. why that? the 17 slave.exe processes have 1.008.896 K, 1.009.008 K … is that 1 GB? where is that slave.exe - in my memory on on every of that 16 harddisk? pagefaults at every slave about 250.000 and vitual memory about 1240K the server.exe 1.018.216 K ,pagefault 279.794, virtual memory 5324K. I have so much memory 2,5 GB why have I then pagefaults? who can me tell me how navision is working with commit cache? where is the commit cache? in memory? on harddisk? Thanks for ideas!

are these the same problems you had in may with 3.6?