Application Server XML Output ???

Greetings I have to following problem with “Navision User Portal Application Server”: I created a dataport to export my data in the XML format. But I like to change the structure of the export. Here an example: <product_sku Caption=“Nr.”>0000010100011</product_sku> No An this should be the export i like: <product_sku>0000010100011</product_sku> 0 I like to change also the Name of CAPTION itself like: Navision: <short_description Caption=“de-DE”>Fruchtig-zartes Bouqet. Erinnert stark an grünen Apfel</short_description> and I like: <short_description xml :lang=“de-DE”>Fruchtig-zartes Bouqet. Erinnert stark an grünen Apfel</short_description> Whow can i realise this? Thanks a lot Andreas

Andreas, You have posted your question in three different forums. Please post a question in only the one that seems the most logical place. Posting in multiple places just adds noise and makes it less likely that people will want to volunteer to help you. Thanks. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner