AIF Configure Outbound Port missing Constraint

In AX2012 R3 CU11, Im going to setup an Outbound Port (or several) for sending EDI invoices to Customers. In AX2009 there was an option on the Endport – „Constraint“ where you can specify for which Customer / Supplier / this port and mapping is active. In AX2012 this has changed, but in my search for a solution or the right way to solve this task, I only found answers like “Legal entity” - but this is our “companies” and not our trading Partner!

Any suggestions ?


Open configuration of your outbound port. Tick Validate document XML and Customize documents and then click Data policies. In Document data policies form, select the field you want to restrict (such as customer account) and scroll to the bottom, where you’ll second grid with legal values. There you can add accepted values of the field (for the given port).