Configuring an Endpoint for AIF in AX 2012

I am wondering whether or not it is possible to setup and configure an endpoint for AIF in AX 2012 much like in AX 2009 where I could set a constraint etc… as I can’t seem to find it for an Outbound port in AIF in AX 2012


In Ax2012 we can see the AIF inbound and outbond port configurations in following path

SystemAdministration → Setup → Service and Application integration Framework.

In that we can select the adapter is NetTcp as a default adapter and if you want to change you can configure by selecting Configure button.

And You can see the Outbound port also.



Hi abbas,

I have set up a an Outbound Port but I can’t find where I can set a constraint for my port so that it will only affect a specific user. In AX 2009 this was possible with the constraint tab for an endpoint but I can’t see it in AX 2012

Hi Callum,

Not sure what your requirement is. Try looking at different adapters including file system adapter. With file system adapter you can also configure security where you can restrict to an user or user group

You should read Upgrade AIF code [AX 2012]. It says, among other things: “You must use the legal values framework and the forms for inbound and outbound integration ports to configure constraints.”

More about configuration can be found in Customize service contracts [AX 2012], for instance.


So if I set the legal value for the field “InvoiceAccount” to a specific customer, only invoices for that customer will be added to AIF queue?