Adjusting stock that has been consumed.

Hi experts,

I have accidently entered an incorrect lot number towards a product that has been consumed. I understand that once the stock has been consumed it will no longer show in my items. I somehow need to rectify the lot number that has been consumed to get a better tracking of this product in the future if need be. Can anyone please let me know how i can change the lot number after the fact, if possible? Cheers.

You need to create a credit memo for the consumed items (if it was based upon a sale). Then you need to do a negative inventory adjustment for the wrong item, and a then positive with the right amount, before you can invoice it again.


the stock in question actually material used to create the product before sale. Sorry if that sounded silly but i’m after changing the lot number that is attached to the material before becoming a finished good. Thanks for the response and i look forward to an answer :slight_smile: