Reverse Posted Purchase Invoice - Lot Tracked


I am in a bit of a pickle, maybe you guys can help me out.

A Purchase order was created for an item (which is Lot tracked) for 6000 pieces. One of the staff members called the Vendor and agreed upon receiving 5800 pieces instead of 6000. However, the staff member forgot to change the quantity on the order. When the goods arrived at the warehouse, they received and invoiced all 6000 pieces. Goods were then moved to a different location and they were consumed. I cant do undo shipment, since it’s already been invoiced. I need to bring the quantity down by 200. I created a general purpose CM (for a G/L Account) to bring the amount of the invoice down for 200 pieces. How can I bring the inventory down by 200? I was thinking about doing an negative adjustment at the same cost of the original per unit cost. However, since the goods are lot tracked, I do not have a lot to apply this transaction against.
What are my options at this moment.

use a purch. credit memo with amount 200 for correction.
for that follow…/hh168635(v=nav.90).aspx
this will be a kind of a virtual action, because you do not send the credit memo to the vendor. you do that only for correction.

Cannot use purchase credit memo, since all the goods have been consumed. Instead, I did a general purpose credit memo to bring the cost down for 200 pieces.
However, my inventory is still incorrect since I also need to bring it down by 200 pieces. But since the Item is lot tracked, I need to provide it some lots. However, all the lots that I have right now are at a different cost then the original purchase order unit cost. So, even if I pick one of those lots, system will adjust the cost properly, when ACIE is run and I will have a bigger mess to clean.

I was thinking about turning off, “Lot Negative Adjmt. Tracking” off in the Item Tracking Card Code so post the negative adjustment, but I am not sure about its consequences.

So you physically received 5800 pieces but posted a receipt and invoice of 6000 pieces in NAV. Then you say they consumed the inventory. But didn’t they consume the 5800 pieces that were physically received? Thus leaving 200 imaginary pieces in NAV to be returned?

I am not sure how they ended up using 6000 pieces, even thought they physically had 5800 in the warehouse. But, according to NAV, all 6000 pieces have been consumed, hence the problem. I am stuck, I can seem to do anything. I thought doing a general purpose CM, will take me a step closed to solving the problem, but I cant do negative adjustment since the item is lot tracked and the lot that we received has been consumed.

Hi Nitin,
Did you find a solution to this?