Adding standard fields to standard form

Once you create new sales order, we need to add the below new fields under customer
➢ Phone No: this record should reflect on customer contact information and to be
➢ Registration type: on this field user can select the registration type to fill the
number “only number” and once done the record will reflect on customer
registration IDs under registration ID tab auto fill.
➢ Cost center: user can select the cost center dimension which should filled
automatically on header financial dimension part, and its Mandatory
➢ Search by: Add registration type on the standard search by to let user make
search by registration, so the system will work as standard search behavior, he
will give the result based on the number saved on this table
➢ Validation on registration type: if the user enter same number already entered
before system will give error message that this number already exist “whatever
the type”

I already responded to the duplicate thread in another forum and I’m waiting for your answers.