Add print button to Page Inventory Picks (9316)


I’m trying to add a button the printer report Picking List (5752) to the Inventory Picks (9316) page list, if you open an inventory pick there is a button in there that prints out the report by I want to replicate it onto the list. I can create a print button that prints the report but you have to select which pick you want to print on the print request screen, I want to it default to the inventory pick that is currently selected in the list.

can someone point me in the right direction please.

many thanks


How did you call the report?

Please use same logic and code which is under Inventory Pick -->Print Action

I can see where the code is. below is an image of what I can see.

You have to press F9 to see the code on Action

if you cant see code then you might be using customer license

contact your partner to do changes.

looks like this is an area where our partner can only get to.

many thanks