ADCS problem with miniforms

Good day guys, I have one little problem… question: why message "Integer must not be blank Integer is mising or invalid in the expression " appears when I’m trying to use any of Datainput miniforms? I’ve found here same questions but no answers. It get’s stuck. If anybody has info on how to properly design such form - please provide information. NEED YOUR HELP GURUS :slight_smile:

Br, Igor Beeone

That error message it‘s to unclear. Enabled debugger and copy/past line were error message is coming from.

When I’m selecting (writing integer of form ID) my miniform (even if it’s standart input form) debuger writes:

  • 4:31:55 AM: Integer must not be blank.
    4:31:55 AM:
    4:31:55 AM: Integer is missing or invalid in the expression.

Can’t understand what’s wrong :confused:

Can’t you enabled debugger to see source code line?

seems you have much experience with miniforms. I’m stuck on creating my own form. Maybe you can provide example of miniform (screen of miniform setup and object for handling) with next logic (for example):

  • Current Item : “HERE GOES ITEM NO”
  • Input Field: “SCANS some kind of data”

There are no problem creating this thing with card form, but I need dynamicaly provide in first line Item numbers from the item table…

If You can help or have example, would be very glad for your help.

Igor Beeone

Don’t use card form this form is used only for login. Use a Data List Input.
Create a Data List Input connected to a new table. Fill data in table before rendering form in ADCS.

Thank You for advice. Already solved my problem… now it’s ok :slight_smile:

you are welcome [;)]