Account number for transaction type Bank does not exist.


I’m having a problem in posting an intercompany transaction. Below is my transaction.

Dr Company A Bank1 100.00

Cr Company B Ledger 1 100.00

And the infolog shows me the warning “Account number for transaction type Bank does not exist. Posting has been cancelled.

I’ve checked the Intercompany accounting setup in general ledger in both company. It is already setup. I’ve checked the Virtual Company Account and in the Table Collections included are Global, Intercompany and Centralized payment. I’ve also check the Bank Account Details of Bank1 to see if ledger account has been setup. It is also been setup.

What could be the possible reason why this error occur? Is there any settings that I’ve missed?




I am having a similar issue as you. I am trying to post a transaction that has transaction type Bank for accounts that are set up and have main accounts assigned but when I try and validate I get the same error message as you. Have you received any responses yet.

This issue relates to configuration of the account structure. Ensure the main accounts of your banks are included in your account structure or excluded as the case may be