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I have been set up as an administrator in the Microsoft Navison system it does not show me some roles though. This is the error shown

“You do not have permission to run the “suggest Item Standard Cost” Report”

“Contact the system manager if you need to have your permissions changed”

Could anyone help me out with this problem.

Define setup as an administrator…are you setup as SUPER? You can check Tools → Security to find your roles (if you have access).

I have been setup as Super.

Yes I am setup as super. But problem is the same…

I have been setup as SUPER it does not work though.

You cannot be a super user if you have that error.

It could be the ROLE is still called Super, but the permissions to that role have been changed.


If you are SUPER and can’t run the report - it means this object is simply not in your license.

Check the report’s object number - as you named it, looks like it is additional (nonstandart) report. Custom Obj.# must be either in range you have bought additionally, or in localisation-country range.

Bought Obj# ranges you can see in license .txt (not .flf) file, they look like this:


50,000-50,099 RIMDX

its report 5851…

Type ID Name Modified Version List Date Time BLOB Size Compiled

3 5851 Suggest Item Standard Cost No NAVW16.00.01 14/08/09 12:00:00 PM 31100 Yes

So what permissions do I need to be Super?

Every obejct type where the ID is 0 in the permission set

4544.Question.bmp (4.69 MB)

Still it does not work…

But I am missing that Page row in above picture…

I did this too. Yes I found the standard cost No you said. But the same problem persists…

The version I am using right now is 4.01.

8228.Question.bmp (4.69 MB)

This was the Result

Does the user SNEUPANE have one role of Super or more than one role?

Is it definitely SUPER or SUPER (DATA) ?

What is you licensing BRL or a la carte?

Is this a live database or a test one with a Cronus License perhaps?


  • roles of Super, Super (Data), SUPER (NAVIPANE)
  • Both
  • Navision 4.01 Customerlicense (type 001)
  • This is a live database

The Report in question is part of the Inventory Granule. Check your license file (Tools, Lencense Information). You need 4,XXX Inventory in order to be able to run this Report. Cheers!

Yes i have 4010 inventory.

Are you certain you have this in your license?