.zup files with Citrix connection

I recently asked if anyone had experience in a similar situation to that which I face which is that we have a client running Navision Financials v2.60. In this version the default location for the zup file is in the Program Files\Navision Financials directory and each time one person logs in they overwrite the .zup file of others. I received some useful replies, however I have now learnt that they run Navision Financials via Citrix as a published application. By doing it this way I can not see any way, or anywhere, to put an ID= property. Is there anyone out there with Citrix experience that can help?? Thankyou Craig (who knows very little about about Citrix [:(])

Hi Craig, We are running NF 2.60 over Citrix. The .zup files are kept separately for each user in their profile directory, so each user has his own .zup. I think (I’m not our Citrix admin) that this can simply be achieved by giving each user permission only for his own profile and setting the environment variables for each user in an appropriate way. APPDATA seems to be the variable of choice here. Good luck [;)]

Our situation is nearly identical to the one described by Heinz. Indeed, our zup files are kept in a profile directory on another server. We use the command line below to provide a zup file for each user. “c:\Program Files\Navision Financials\fin.exe” servername=01_rmprimary,database=e:\navisionDB\ReadyMixed201.fdb,objectcache=16000,nettype=tcp, id=\01_rmprimary\navision financials%USERNAME%, temppath=c: The id parameter is what you are interested in, the key is the reference to %user name%. Hope this helps.

Craig, We have a very similar situation. We are running Nav 3.10 on a Citrix metaframe - Win 98 clients, Win 2000, XP clients (seperate severs for 98 clients vs. the rest). Our admin uses the profiles approach in which each is mapped to the specific profile and stored in that subfolder. If you are still having problems please let me know and I will send this information to him. Hope this helps.

Thanks guys - your assistance is appreciated. What I don’t understand is where to put any “id=” property. As Navision is run as a published application, Citrix is pointing at an IP address rather than a fin.exe file…where would I put the “id=”? Cheers Craig

Craig, show me the command line you are using. As far as an IP address rather than a name, that makes no difference. You are still going to execute fin.exe from your citrix server. You MUST have the Navision client piece installed on the Citrix box. The IP addressing could only come into play for parameters to fin.exe. Again, look at the Citrix application command line I gave you in my last post. This is from a live application. While we don’t use IP addressing for Navision we DO use it for some other published applications-generally ones that default to drive mapping, which we detest for obvious reasons. Good Luck.

Hi John - if you look at the properties of the Citrix connection in the Citrix Program Neighborhood, the “Published Application” radio button is ticked and there is the IP address in the box immediately beneath. If you look at the application tab of the properties the “Application:” field is greyed out, which is what appears to happen if you select “Published Application” on the General tab. I imagined entering the IP= in the command line in this field. Are you saying that the command line properties could just be entered after the IP address in the “Published Application” field? Thanks again. Craig

Hi Craig, In our case, there is no need for using an “id=” parameter. As each user logs in to Citrix using his own personal login name, the environment variables are automatically set to their personal profile directory and Navision takes the .zup from there. There’s no need to set any Navision parameters. This works with published applications as well as with an interactive ICA connection - in both cases is the user required to supply login name and password.

Hi Craig, It sounds like you are running a custom ICA connection rather than an Application Set. Much easier to create an application set. At the Citrix box, you publish Navision (and other apps) and select users, etc. Then at the client machine when you use the Citrix Program Neighborhood to Find a new application set, you will see Navision. At this point you can push it down to a desktop, etc. (right click, create desktop shortcut, etc.) Anyway, this method is much simpler than creating custom ICA Connections for each app. And the command line we have been discussing is done at the server level in the original published app definition.