ZUP Files and Database Logins

I am implementing Navision using Database Authentication and Terminal Services 2000. Is there a way to have unique ZUP files per DATABASE Login, rather than per WINDOWS Login. I’ve seen several posts about making sure WINDWOS logins have unique ZUP files, but nothing addressing my particular scenario. I have 9 NT User IDs that correlate to the departments in my company. Navision users are broken down into one of these departments, which they will use to access the Terminal Server. For example, all of the Finance employees login to the Terminal Server under the NT account called FIN. From there, they use their unique IDs to login to Navision. This has caused quite a headache as far as ZUP files are concerned. Is there any way to make the ZUP files unique to the DB user, not to the FIN Nt account?

First of all I must say it sound very odd to have several users sharing the samt domain account. The only way to have separate zupfiles for the samt Windows user is to have different Navision shourtcuts with different parameter for “ID = xxx”. In the Installation and System Setup Manual You can read about all parameters.

I’m not sure why it’s odd to have several users with the same account… We have a corporate edict that states that we can’t store our users email profiles on the Terminal Server. Because Navision contains functionality that uses email, we had to reduce the number of mail profiles being stored on that Terminal Server to a handfull. Hence, the reason why we share domain accounts. I’ve also tried the startup parameters, but it seems to force Windows Authentication, when I need to use Database Authentication.

If you have a special driveletter per user the ID solution woould work just fine. for example: - U: = \share\user1 - U: = \share\user2 etc “ID = U:\navision.zup”

Josh, does that mean that say the 5 finance people logging into TS all see the same desktop? If that’s the case then I’d go with a separate Navision shortcut for each user and put the ID startup parameter. What other startup parameters are you using? I don’t know what in your shortcut is forcing Windows Authentication, because I use various sortcuts with various Navision versions on my own desktop, and it is not doing that. The only reason I can think of that it would do that is that the windows accounts that you are using are set up as a windows users inside Navision.