Zup file and Citrix

Where are the ZUP files stored when running NAV thru Citrix?

Check out the shortcut used by users to launch NAV. If there is an ID parameter it should give you the path. If there isn’t, I think it’s in the appdata folder.

Here is my problem, this might help more …

We have 2 servers one test and one live… The test system is a backup from about a month ago…On the live system a terminated employee was deleted from NAV last week. The new employee is attempting to log in as that user to look at the customized fields (some fields are hidden etc…) I added the employee back in to NAV live system and resynced her login, but i am trying to get her zup file out of the test system so the employee can look at her personalized settings. Is there anything i can do to get her zup file back from the live system or restore her zup file from the test system…?

Ah it seems that when i added her back in NAV since she was not deleted from our system her Zup file was still there… phweeew

The zup file gets created automatically when it’s not already there, so it’s not a big deal at all if it gets lost. No way to know whether the file was there before or if it’s a brand new one.