ZIP - codes

Hi - Could be out of toppic, But I’ll have a go anyway. I am looking for a complete State,Zip,City file. I have tried looking at usps, but couldn’t find it. Can anyone please post the file here, or e-mail it directly to me :slight_smile: Please… /Kind regards, Henrik Helgesen

This might helps : But it’s not free :wink:

Try this link, it seems to be a complete US Zip table including Dataport… Best Regards Janus

Thankyou very much - Now I just wonder who the US Postal Service charges You for that information, rather that helping customers using the currect ZIP-Codes :slight_smile: /Henrik

There is now a site that has files that are perfectly formated for AX:

The files are current and are delivered ready to import directly into Dynamics AX Zip Codes (all 6 tables).

And they are only $139 per country (US & Canada) as of this posting date.

I bought my codes from: as they had Mexico as well and any country however I had to convert UTC to GMT.

I was excited to see the link to for the zip codes but once I got there it says that the last update was 2010. Alot of new codes have been added since then.

We just started using the monthly update subscription from Now we are in the process of examining which tables will need to be updated with any new zip code and county changes.

Here you can find a free one that is VERY complete.