Zero inventory with value

When checking inventory on-hand, I have seen some items with zero quantity but have values attached to them. And some of these values can be quite large. Any suggestion how to adjust these values to zero? I have tried using inventory adjustment, but when doing a select, they won’t appear in the adjustment form. Thank you in advance.

Hi, Adjustment can’t do it. You should use close the month, then items with zero quantity make to zero values. It’s work in Axapta 3.0 Sp2 and inventory model is Weighted avg. date. Regards Krzysztof

Hi Krzysztof, Thanks for your reply. The user is using Axapta v2.5 SP3 and the inventory model for the items is FIFO. The value was there even after they did inventory closing. I believe the original problem was caused by bad customization done previously. They have increase the number of decimal places for some of the extended data types without considering possible side effects. As a result, there are some rounding off problem. We have fixed the customization and now wish to “zero out” the values to start from fresh. My question is, how to do it?

Hi, You should receipt item with value zero (if it is item with serial number, you should receipt on warehouse with the same serial number on which item is difference with value) and after this you should make issue in cost. It is the way I know.

Hi, I have tried that before but it doesn’t work. Once we run closing or recalculation, the value comes back :frowning: But thanks for you help anyway. Cheers.

Hello, You should use Adjustment → Transaction (not On-hand) when you adjust your transactions. Then you can select any inflow transaction you like. With adjustment you adjust the value on inflow transactions, and the Recalculation will adjust the outflow transactions, depending your inventory model. Peter Karlsson

Hello, We have had simmular problems in Axapta 2.5. You can solve this bij running the Consitency Check (Menu Basic\Periodic). Axapta wil then recalculate the on hand inventory. Regards, Sander van Loon (The Netherlands)

those are physical value or financial value (PostedValue)? is the inventory closing up to the date? how long does it take for you to run inventory closing? you may need to cancel the closing to make adjustments. if closing is up to date, then you may not be able to perform transactions adjustment on them. you can’t adjust by on hand most likely it is because all the quantity are financially settled.