YTD Sales in reports

I’m trying to add customer YTD Sales in a report I have made. How do I do this?

Hi, Go to Sales & Receivables → Reports → Modify. Enter (or select report id in Report ID column).Close the screen. Now the report will be available in Reports option.

Well, Rajesh, as far as I understand this question, this is a matter of showing Customer Sales LCY in a new report, not showing a report in the Report List. @auctionguy123: This is basically done with a CALCFIELDS on “Sales (LCY)” in a Customer-Record with the right Date Filter. For the formation of the date filter you could use the functions in CU 358. Look at the Code in OnAfterGetRecord of form 151 “Customer Statistics” for inspiration. It depends on the structure of your report how you would best implement the customer ytd sales.

Hi Beaver, Might be you are right. But anyway auctionguy123 can use any of the above posting which serves his purpose.

Would appreciate some help on the CALCFIELDS. I understand these are flowfields and need to be calculated when they are used. Usually on my reports I would define the calcfields on the table properties. But in 3.70 I don’t seem to have to define them. Has something changed in 3.70 so that these are automatically calculated ? Obviously a date filter may still needs to applied in the case of Sales (LCY), but may not be required for balance (LCY).