Your upgrade program has expired.

Hi there, I have a customer, where the following message appears: “Your upgrade program for Navision Financials has expired.” It’s an ok-box, and pressing ok open’s Financials with out problems! Can anyone tell me why the message is comming, and how to avoid it ?? The customer’s using Financials W1 2.60.D, but W1 2.01.A objects. Best regards Thomas Hviid Thorn

Look in codeunit 1 and search for the text of the message. Some solution centres include a date test for when their support licence runs out yearly. Paul Baxter

It well could be something added by the NSC, but more likely is that they don’t have a valid upgrade program for 2.60. Odd thing is that it keeps going. Could be that the client is being launched on one license, and the server has a seperate license. Check this by opening a local database and see what sort of a message you get. It may be that the NSCs developer license was “accidentally” installed on your local machine. In which case you should delete it and replace with your correct one.

You don’t need the upgrade/maintainance to run Navision, there’s no check for the maintainance in the license by the client or the server. It’s quite common that You have configured the maintainance in C/Caps (the license generator), but the license at the clients site isn’t updated and the system keeps running just fine. The maintainance in the license is more of an administrative thing. So there’s defenitely a hack in codeunit 1. If You don’t have a developers license so You can take it away, You can look in the Company Information Table or G/L Setup table to see if there’s any datefield hidden there as an ending date for the maintainance. If so, just push it forware a few years.

Actually Lars there is a component of suppor tin the license file. From the minimal information Thomas has given, it seems that they are running 2.01 objects on 2.60 executables. If they have purchased a 2.01 license, and have not upgraded the license, it MAY still give this problem. I agree that it does look like a mod in CU1, but unless Thomas feels he can let us into the secrests, we are not going to be able to help him find it.

Yes You’re right. That check is done by the client. But if this was the case he wouldn’t be able to run Navision at all.

Hej Lars and David Thanks for your replies: I could figure, that it’s the license they have not changed, because the problem only occurs on one workstation - not on others. I have asked the customer to change the fin.flf, and will return to you as soon as I got a response! Yours, Thomas

I was pretty sure that it was a license error, thanks THomas for the confirmation.

Hej David I got confirmation from the customer today. It is NOT the License - they are using the same Cronus.flf on all their clients. And it is NOT a text used in Navision Financials. I made a scan through all the objects with finding that sentence - or parts of the sentence. Thanks for your replies anyway. Best regards, Thomas

Thomas, You should look after the fin.flf license file, not Cronus.flf. This is the standard demo license file which as far as I know don’t have any expiration date in it. There should be both a Cronus.flf and fin.flf in the client installation directory.