Your License ...use Language ENG.

I get an error when running a Standard Report: 405 - Order. Your Language does not permit you to use the Language ENG. This only happens when printing the Report. All other Parts work fine.

This looks like a multi-language issue with that report… a couple of reports in sales and purchases use the language field of the customer/vendor - looks like in your case there is a vendor setup to use language ENG, but your license does not allow this language. You can change this in the Language setup (G/L, Setup, General, Languages) and rather use language id 1033 which is the standard US english that is available in all licenses. Saludos Nils

Looks like you are trying to access a Language, that you’re license file does not permit. ENG stands for Englisch Great Britain, you probably have access to ENS (English South Africa) and the standard ENU (English United States). When does the error occur? During the generation of the report, or when you call it?

Hapens as Printing the Report, The Printer Selection Dialog is Present. And the Modal Error Dialog also Shows.

What Navision Version are you using?