"you do not have permission to run the "Tools, Debugger" System

Hi All,

I have installed navision 5.0 on my PC. I am trying to learn C /AL. It comes with a demo of a company called CRONUS. At the object designer window, when I select codeunit and try to see the design, this error comes up. Would any one know how to fix it.

I have already created a user called SUPER and has given him the SUPERUSER role, but still does not work.

that is the license I have I dont know if there is anything to do with it.

Microsoft Software License Information
Copyright (C) 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved

License number : ES-ZA-000-EHLZ9-N
Licensed to : CRONUS España S.A.
Javier Ruiz
Avenida Aragón, 5
Centro de Negocios
46010 Valencia

Granule ID Name Amount Expires

540 Demostración módulo base 1
1,100 Empresas 2
1,200 Sesiones 2
1,310 Database expansión 1 MB 100
1,370 Database Expansion per 1 GB 1
1,520 Servidor - Windows NT (Intel) 1
1,700 C/ODBC 1
1,800 C/FRONT 1
1,960 Test Integration 1
2,010 Server - Microsoft SQL Server Option 1
2,105 Allow new versions 1
4,900 Application Wide - Multiple System Langua 1


You need to have access to the designers also (Table, Form and Report Designers) for the objects you are debugging.

But how do I get access to it? I am a begginer, I dont have a clue how to get this access.


You need to buy this from your reseller…

You are working with a demo license. You need a full license to work correctly.

I’m sorry I actually didn’t see that you where only using the DEMO license (Cronus). But that means that you can actually not buy additional granules for this.

With the demo license you have limted access to the system. I’m not a 100% sure the same rules apply, but for the MSDN demo license the following limitations apply:
The MSDN license file gives access to Microsoft Navision functionality, with the following restrictions:
You can only enter dates in November, December, January, and February.
The size of the database can be a maximum of 100MB.
You are only allowed to make 4000 write transactions in a database.
In addition, you can modify the following objects in the Object Designer:
Table 18 can be modified. Fields from 99,990 through 99,999 can be inserted.
Forms 21 and 22 can be modified. Forms 99,998 and 99,999 can be inserted.
Report 101 can be modified. Report 99,999 can be inserted.
MenuSuite 90 can be inserted.
With the MSDN license, you can create new objects (tables, forms, reports, and so on) in the object range from 123,456,700 through 123,456,799. It is not possible to edit the standard Microsoft Navision objects or the objects dedicated to customer solutions.