You do not have permission to run the 'Design, Report, Basic' System.

Hello Everybody.

I am just starting to work for new employer as programmer. And one of my responsibility now is Navision.

I have only account details for Navision and thats all. The user which I have a login / password has the roles:

ALL All users
SUPER This role has all permissions.
SUPER (DATA) Superuser of data

What I need, I need to modified one of reports.

What I am doing (first time by using Navision Documentation):

Go to Programs/Microsoft SQL Server Option for MS Bussines Solution Navision

Start the application, login as SUPER user

Go to Tools/Object Designer,

than click to Report, go to list of Report Objects (Right side)

Click one of them, and then click - Design button

Navision return the pop up message: “You do not have permission to run the ‘Design, Report, Basic’ System…”

What is the possible problem, what kind of permission do I need to have (My login has SUPER user role)

What else do I need to do and why?

Thanks in advance for any help.

what report do you want to modify?

is it customized report or basic report from navision?

maybe your license doesn’t permit to modify that report…

In you check license check if you have granule

7,110 Report & Dataport Designer

Basically , there are 2 types of licences in navision

  1. user licence

2, developer licence

to make any kind of changes, one needs to have the developer licence.

I think you have user licence, due to which you are not able to do any changes

Not always correct - as Nuno said above, if user’s (client’s) licence contains any or all of

7,110 Report & Dataport Designer
7,120 Form Designer
7,130 Table Designer>
7,140 XML Port Designer

granules, enduser can do the respective changes/modifications.

First two are included in BRL Bussiness Essentials, all of them - in BRL Advanced Management licence, if you are still on module based licencing, you must buy them separately.

updated: forgot to mention - there are some “protected” objects, for modifying them you really need Dev.License, but normally enduser will never will (should not [;)] ) try to modify them, and, objects with numbers in “protected area”, as those from AddOns etc.

Thank you for information, I have realy got some new important knowledg.

I wanna to add that I can not create or modified (desighn) any type of new object.

By the way, how I can check the type of licence?

The interesting detail is that the programmer, who works before looks like used the same account details and could be able to create/design some objects.

But I am not quet sure.

Thank you anyway.

If you make tools → License Information You can see your license information. Previous developer could use another license, for example from a partner.

I have a Partner Licence,

and at the same time when I go to Tools/Desighn Objects/New

Navision return the pop up message: “You do not have permission to run the ‘Design, Report, Basic’ System…”