"You do not have permission to release a document"

On a Navision with SQL2000, I have created custom roles for a user, and am trying to apply security filters wherever possible. While trying to post something, I get a message thats says “You do not have permission to release a document” I dint find any help on this! I know this is not directly related to assigning permissions to tables. Please let me know how to get rid of this. I need to apply permissions using custom roles & security filters. Also, if anyone knows where to find more info on ‘Using Security Filters’; please let me know. Thanks.

Is permission granted for the release sales/purchase codeunits ?

Hi Ash, Granting the security filters is a tricky Job. When we try to put multiple filters on the same table For Eg: Salesheader Document type filter Quote, and then on the same permission line Salesheader Salesperson code filter ABC then we get the same message. We found out that the security filter work only as field filters cannot be used in conjunction with table filters. Meaning we can only have a filter for one field. We had to create a lot of fields which contain the combination of this filters. into one field and then use the Security filters.