You do not have permission to modify the 'Test' report


I am experiencing a permission issue on NAV 2009 Classic.

The database is on one server and the classic client is installed on another server.

One colleague is able to change a report etc. but I am not.

I get the error message: You do not have permission to modify the ‘Test’ report

We already checked the following settings:

  1. Roles: I have the same role in NAV as my colleague (SUPER)

2.Windows login: I have the same (admin) rights as my colleague

  1. SQL Database: I have the same rights as my colleague. I also tried db_owner for my account, but that did not solve the issue.

  2. Synchronize: We executed ‘Synchronize All Logins’ on this NAV database.

  3. Report ID: The report ID is in the range 50000 - 50099

  4. License: We have the line ‘7110 Report & Dataport Designer 1’ in our License.

We’re running out of options. Any ideas where to look?



do you or your colleague have a developer license? normally is needed to change objects.

Hi Jonathan,

Where can we check that?

Is that linked to ONE user only, and not the environment?

Kind regards,


If you have the “Report & Dataport Designer” in your license, and you have purchased the report object range 50000 to 50099 (which used to default if you had the report designer) and you have the SUPER permission role, then you should be able to modify it.

And you say that your colleague is able to modify THE SAME REPORT? Or a different?

And final question, when exactly do you get this error? When you’re trying to open it in the designer, or when you’re trying to save it?

What Jonathan refers to is the “full development license”. You’re able to temporary import a full development license and by this getting access to modify all reports. But I doubt that is the case here. Then again, it might be the case.

The last thing I can think of is regarding the permissions. You say you have the SUPER permission role, but is it specific to one company in the database or is the company name field empty? If you have SUPER for a specific company, then you cannot modify objects, as they are not limited to one company.

Hi Erik,

The error occurs when trying to save the report.

And both my colleague and I do that on the same report.

Strange is, that when I looked at the License info, I did not see the 7200 granule, but under the account of my colleague the granule 7200 existed.

When trying to export this license we get the error that the local file fin.flf in the Navision installation dir does not exist.

So, even if the license is in the database, when exporting it NAV wants to get the local copy? Is that correct?



Which version of NAV is it?

Typically you cannot export the license from a NAV running SQL

Did you compare the license number?

so you use different licenses.

are you both working on the same database?

is the license uploaded to the database?

Yes, we are working on the same database.

Via Tools > Database > Alter the box for ‘Save license to db’ is not checked.

However, on the NAV Server we cannot find this license file.



“Save license to database” means that the license IS uploaded to the database instead of the server. Which just means that you are able have different licenses on different database. Otherwise all database on the same SQL server instance will use the same license.

But you didn’t confirm if you’re using the same license no. or not. You can check that within NAV, no need to export the file.

And you also didn’t confirm if your SUPER permission are specified for a single company, or without a company filter.

Hi Erik,

Sorry about the late reaction, but something else came in between.

Then, now I have some good news. Your last suggestion did the trick. I checked the SUPER user domain for my and his login and found that I only had the SUPER user for the company and he did not have a restriction there.

I deleted the company restriction and now it works!!

Erik and Jonathan, thanks for the help. We are very glad it’s solved!



Hi Marlies,

I’m happy to know that I was able to help you. Have a nice weekend. [:)]