You cannot invoice this purchase order before the associated sales orders have been invoiced

I am not an accountant and we have not officially migrated to Business Central yet. There are multiple reasons why this restriction hinders our process flow. The first is that we receive large discounts for paying our vendors promptly so we will often pay them before invoicing our customer. Another is frequent multiple tiny partial drop shipments that we don’t want to barraged our customers with nickle and dime invoices associated with a project. Any suggestions or workarounds?


You will not be the first to say this. Yes, it is painful and not practical given the two documents, except for the Shipment (Drop Ship), should be separated. If I had to guess, NAV/BC process believes the Sales Invoice was to be completed at the same time as the Shipment took place. This would happen so quickly that the PO error would not occur.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the feed back. Still working to figure BC out.

Tim, if you are not going to process the purchase order (drop shipment) at the same time as you process the sales order and invoice the customer, I would suggest setting them up separately and not connecting the PO for the dropship to the SO for the customer invoice. This would be the simplest way to handle the process.

The other options would be looking into using the flow from the power apps to create a better process for your company or customization.

Thank you for that Holly.