XPO Import Issue ??

Hi Guys!!

I have made some customization’s in VAR Layer & created XPO File.

If I import this XPO file in USR Layer, VAR Layer customization’s are not reflecting in USR Layer.

What could be the problem? Please Reply ASAP.

Thanks in Advance !!

Does the .xpo contains the expected changes? (Use compare on import or simply notepad to find that.)

If so, the problem is in import. If not, the problem is in export. That’s the first thing to analyze.

Hi Ullas,

Open the XPO file that you saved from the source system with Notepad and check whether you can see all these changes.

In the target system, first compare the contents before importing them.


AS my knowledge

Export the xpo file from VAR layer what you done customization. After delete from orginal layer i mean var layer.

when importing time select USR layer import XPO into USR layer. If u not delete XPO from orginal layer when u import XPO into new layer also it will seat on old layer.

1)Better create shared project collect all cust elements export that project keep back up.

  1. Delete all cust-elements permanently from old layer.

  2. import XPO_shared project into new layer.