XMLPort - set column headers for the CSV file

I have created XMLPort to export data to CSV file in business central online.

My XMLPort contains both field elements and text elements.

How can I set column headers for my CSV file?

Export them in a separate table element.

In C/AL visual designer it would be something like this:


And the same in AL

xmlport 50100 "Export G/L Entries W/Headers"
    Format = VariableText;
    TableSeparator = '<NewLine>';

            tableelement(Headers; "Integer")
                SourceTableView = WHERE(Number = CONST(1));

                textelement(EntryNoHeader) {}
                textelement(GLAccNoHeader) {}
                textelement(AmountHeader) {}

            tableelement(GLEntry; "G/L Entry")
                fieldelement(EntryNo; GLEntry."Entry No.") {}
                fieldelement(GLAccNo; GLEntry."G/L Account No.") {}
                fieldelement(Amount; GLEntry.Amount) {}

    trigger OnInitXmlPort();
        EntryNoHeader := GLEntry.FieldCaption("Entry No.");
        GLAccNoHeader := GLEntry.FieldCaption("G/L Account No.");
        AmountHeader := GLEntry.FieldCaption(Amount);

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Thanks Alex. I have already accomplished this using integer table but there was a blank row just after the header row. Setting TableSeparator = ‘’ fixed the issue.