XMLport - Request Page


I try to develop an XMLport to import data.

I would like to use a request page, where user can add a parameter, and I want to use this parameter in OnAfterInsertRecord() trigger of the xmlport. I want to fill out a field of the inserted line with this data.

How can I refer to that parameter added by the user on request page?

Thanks a lot, Frida

You need to create a Form/report where you can enter the parameter and call the XMLPort with that parameter…

Thanks for your answer.

You mean user should add the parameter on an other form, and not on the request page? Can it be only a form/report, or can I use a page as well?

I want to run this XMLport with a Page Action. I guess I have to write in OnAction() trigger: XMLportName.RUN.

And what else? Where should I call the other page?

You can use pages also…

You can create a field(parameter which user wants to input) in same page from where you are running


you can run a report from page action and add the parmeter in report request page and call xmlport from report…

Why can’t you use the Request Page of the XML Port??

I never know that xmlport has request page? [:#]

Thanks. I tried both solution, and it works, I can get the parameters added by the user.

But, I have another problem with this XMLport.

I want to import data to Table 83 Item Journal Line. I made a page action to run my xmlport. I have some code in OnBeforeInsertRecord to filter items based on the data in imported text file. I start the process, add the parameters on request page, but I get the following error message:

Phys. Inventory must be equal to ‘Yes’ in Item Journal Line: Journal Template Name=, Journal Batch Name=, Line No.=0. Current value is ‘No’.

My parameters are Journal Template Name and Journal Batch Name, so they don’t have the added value. I tried to set initial value of Phys. Inventory to yes. But after doing this, I have the following error message:

Phys. Inventory must be equal to ‘No’ in Item Journal Line: Journal Template Name=LELTAR, Journal Batch Name=LT2011_02, Line No.=1. Current value is ‘Yes’.

So, in this way I have the right data in Journal Template Name and Journal Batch Name, but Phys. Inventory is not good. In addititon to, the bulit-in Calculate Inventory function doesn’t work, too. So, it not a solution, either.

Any advice what to do?

By the way, Mohana, congratulations for MVP. :slight_smile:


Can you close this thread and open a new post for new problem…