XML Port formatting

Does anyone know how to strip the number formatting from a field during an XMLPort export. The issue is when I try to take the XML document and validate it against a schema that has identified that field as a decimal, if the field is formatted with thousand separators (99,999.99 as opposed to 99999.99) then it errors. I could change the field to a string but that limits what I can do with the field down the road (summary functions in reports, etc.). Any help would be appreciated!

Look at the ‘Format/Evaluate’ property in the C/SIDE Reference Guide. Changing this property from ‘C/SIDE Format/Evaluate’ (the default) to ‘XML Format/Evaluate’ will probably do what you want, but it will effect more than just decimal fields. To see the ‘XML…’ format definitions, look up the ‘Format’ property, and review the new ‘<Standard Format,9>’ format specs.