Hi All, I noticed on the MS Business Solutions site that they mention XAL and that it’s only available in Europe. Can one of our European Navision brethren give me a 2 minute lesson on what XAL is? Is it a “lite” version of Attain? Is there any reason that we wouldn’t want it in the USA? Thanks!!

XAL = eXtended Application Language Compare this former Damgaard product to Navision’s old DOS version’s Application Language (AL) used in Navision 3.x (released in 1990). Both product (Navision’s DOS version and XAL) are much alike. The XAL was released 2-3 years after Navision but the application was much bigger with much more functionality than Navision and at a higher price. They later released a version you could run directly on Windows (also know from the first version of MAS90 for Windows). So it’s not really a product of the future but of the past. But it’s a solid product with many industry specific solutions and many happy customers. Maybe some XAL experts can give more detail.

Hi Eric, the ‘higher’ price was a result of the production part of XAL. Within the same functionality XAL was much cheaper than Navision DOS (at least in Germany). However, the XAL technology was much better. Regards Walter