Wrong qty on hand

Hi steven! Hi All ! I need some answers. I used warehouse management with location code mandatory everywhere. Automatic cost posting and expected cost posting are used also. 1. I dont understand how I can have negative inventory as my goal was not to be able to habve it. This is how my ledger entries look like for item SP-6060N/02 Any clue??? Posting date Item No Qty Invoiced Qty Rem.Qty Sles Amt (act) Cost amount(act) 09/12/03 SP-6060N/02 572 572 0 0.00 5,880.18 09/19/03 SP-6060N/02 -600 -600 -28 0.00 -6,168.02 09/19/03 SP-6060N/02 600 600 0 0.00 6,168.02 09/19/03 SP-6060N/02 -600 -600 0 4,737.73 -6,168.02 2. I also have a problem with my " Net invoiced qty" which is negative sometimes for some items. Any idea to solve those problems??? Thanks

There is a set up in the Sales and Recievables where in , Just by a check mark, U can avoid posting of the shipment in case the item is not on Inventory. Other places from where -ve Inventory is created are immaterial as they are just because of lack of following the exact procedure everywhere. eg. ( Ware house perosn may post all the entries of issues at the evening time.But the Production guy can post consumption for all.) Regards, DD

I’m not sure if this Navision course is available in Canada, but I would suggest that you attend the Inventory Costing course in order to understand this area or get access to the Inventory Costing manual. (It is a one day course here). The field called valuation date is actually the relevant date on the item value entries screen. Display this field on the screen (plus entry number and you may get a better understanding of the way the transactions have actually been entered). It is far more complicated, than it used to be in earlier versions of Navision. Hope this may help.

Hi DD, What is the name of that field in the S& R ?? Thanks

It is " Stock out warning" check box. You get a warning on a stock out thus avoiding a negative posting. also, another way is involving warehouse documents in the shipping procedures like 1) making ‘pick’ mendatory.this ware house process proceeds only with available positive inventory. regards, dd

The “Stock Out Warning” is just that, a Warning, it does not prevent you from Selling to negative. Also there are cases where you won’t even get a warning. eg: Item ABC has 100 on Hand. Customer Order 123 for 50 Items (no Warning) Customer Order 125 for 50 Items (no Warning) All 100 items are returned to the Vendor since they are faulty (no Warning) Customer orders 123 and 125 are posted (no warning), Qty on Hand = -100. No problem. If you want to prevent negative inventory, you need to modify codeunit 22 and add the following code:if OldItemLedgEntry."Remaining Qty." < 0 then error(......

HI DD It looks like the “pick” process in WM is not accurate at all as I’m using Wareouhouse management everywhere in the system ( for shipping and for receiving). Does anybody knows if there is a bug fix for that??