Wrong date format in AX 2009 on Windows 8

Hi all,

we’re facing strange issue with AX 2009 on Windows 8. Every form shows date in wrong format DD/YYYY/MM. Even if regional settings on that machine are configured in right way. I search thru the web and I found nothing related to this issue. Machines with Win XP of Win 7, shows date in right format DD/MM/YYYY.

Have someone same issue? App and kernel versions are 5.0.1500.4570.

Thanks for any help.

Hi Marek,
try to check EDT date formats in AOT. Or try to create a new “Date Format” EDT, set its property to DMY and then use it.


Hi Jirko,

thanks for advice. Finally I set a ticket on MS support and problem is in CZ localization. MS send me hotfix and it work like a charm and issue with Win 8 and AX 2009 is gone. For any case I post KB number below. Maybe Partner Network access needed.

KB Article Number (s) : 2936565