Writting a Windows Services

Is there a quick and easy (ie: wizard), way to write a Windows services(the one available from the control panel) using VB or Delphi. I know that’s possible writting one using MS Visual C++, but is it also possible to do so from VB or Delphi ??

Absolutely from Delphi and C++ Builder.

Tarek, in Delphi, go to File, New… and choose Service Adds a new service to an existing NT service application. Do not add services to an application that is not a service application. While a TService object can be added, the application will not generate the requisite events or make the appropriate Windows calls on behalf of the service. Service Application Creates a new NT service application. Once you have created a service application, You will see a window in the designer that corresponds to a service (TService). Implement the service by setting its properties and event handlers in the Object Inspector. Have never done this myself, but I have seen it done in a demonstration in a couple of minutes. Best regards Pelle

I 've seen it done using .NET technology in one of the seminars.