Write on vendtable

Good afternoon,

I’ve created a table called certification with 2 fields(code and description). Code field is an extended datatype created by me.
In Vendtable in group vendor i’ve insert the code field like a combobox with you can choose for that itemid the name of certification.
Inside the method of the code i’ve created a modified method:

public boolean modified()
boolean ret;

ret = super();

vendtable.CertificationId = certification.Code;

return ret;

with this method i write the vendtable the cetification.
the problem is that when i open the table vendtable inside the article i find the certification while i open the form in group vendor i see anything.
I want to see in the field code the same things.
Someone can help me!

Hi Andrea,

  • What you are trying to acheieve does not fit in with standard Ax practice and
  • Does not go with standard database design principles.

There for the above reasons I do not recommend this.

But to do what you want -

  • You don’t need a boolean method. Change boolean to void method
  • Write a find method on Certification table which takes ‘cert Id’ input parameter. For inspiration look at standard tables like CustTable, VendTable etc.
  • And do following -

Certification = Certification::find…
vendTable.CertDescription = certification.description;

Important - you cannot store description in the code Id field.