Write a field of a mapped table

Hi guys,

I get an error message when trying to write a value in a field of a mapped table in a post routine.

Error msg is “The field with the RecID doesnt exist”. It comes just before the record is inserted (and I tried also After the insertion - still the same error). (custvendtrans.insert())

The Table is called VendTrans and the map is called CustVendTrans. VendTrans has a custom field PurchID

I added a custom field to the map (also PurchId) but did not generate a map, which as I assume is the reason for the error.

Can you help me how to generate a mapping?

Thanks in advance

Or maybe the mapping is not the reason, so what else could it be?

Can you give us a simple job demonstrating what you’re doing?

Hi Martin,

the solution is actually easy, as I found out recently

I have to go the Map → Mappings → find my field there and map it in the properties. Done!

Thank you