World Conference update

The first day of the Navision World Conference 2001 is almost over. Over 1400 Navision professionals has found their way to Copenhagen in Denmark. And what’s up? Nothing! The product session by Niels Bo Thielgaard was more or less waste of time. We expected to hear about what would happen in the future. But practically told os nothing. There will still be both a Financials, soon to be Solutions, but soon to be called something third (new name not final yet). And Axapta will also stay around. Axapta will be aimed at the higher end of the market. No changes here. No real announcements. I also attended an Axapta session with Erik Damgaard. I’ve never really seen the product before. But it looks like a great product. As a developer it ticked my. So many nice things you can do in Axapta, that you can’t do in Navision Financials. Finally I attended a “What’s new in Solutions 3.00” session. That was waste of time. Nothing that any experienced Navision Financials consultant/developer could learn themself with 1 hour self study. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Today I visited a prensentation of Delphi 6. Best in years! They showed how to make web applications, run XML connections in and out of a database, in short, how to add on functionality to Navision Finansials without much effort. Really exciting! And all based on the good old Pascal. With NF running on SQL server we can soon do anything. Pelle

If it wasn’t for all the nice people at the conference then I would have prefered your Delphi thing. Except to me the conference is a lot more about networking and meeting people. But I still hope tomorrows agenda will be better. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Erik, what was your final impression of the conference? No more updates since May 19. :slight_smile: Someone else who wants to add his/her impression? I would be interested… Great news? Joerg R Feldhofen KUMATRONIK Business Solutions, Inc. Houston, TX

This years conference was much about the merge and getting to know each others products. There was no in depth seminars at all about Navision. It was a very good conference if You wanted to meet people, not so good if You thought that You would get detailed information about NS3.0, Commerce* and other products. Anyway, the Axapta seminars was intresting since it was my first contact with that product. I hope the next conference will have much more seminar tracks with different subjects from marketing to development. With 1000+ people there should be room for more seminars with smaller groups. In these seminars it should be possible to discuss and ask questions and not just the standard presentations and a hig level presentation of the products. //Lars

Was any information about Navision Solutions 3.0 given out at the conference? It doesn’t sound like it so far. David Rochford Zesco Products 317-269-9300 x188