Working time templates and Working time calendars

From the scheduling perspective, what is the relation between both of them and their impact in the scheduling process?

Thanks a lot!

Each work centre has a calendar - this is your working time for that resource - they could all be different. The templates are used to define the time en masse, so you can create a week calendar for a year for a specific work centre very quickly. Scheduling looks at the calendar on the work centre for availability.

So if the Calendar is related with routes, when is the Working time template used?

They do not directly.

Basically a working time template says Monday is 08.30 - 16.30.

Against a calendar there is a working times button, press this to see them. If it is blank press compose working times, you then have a working time template field to copy in. Then back on the calendar you see the working times defined by “date”.

The working time template says “Monday we work…” you then apply this to a calendar so every Monday is set this way, this is then called as the calendar is called, but the template itself never is.

Thanks AdamRoue!