Working time has not been specified for xx/xx/xxxx when releasing production order

Hello all,

In Dynamics AX 2009, I am getting the following error when releasing a production order:

“Working time has not been specified for 1/1/2011”

The production order date is 11/9/2009. Initially, I was getting the same error for 4/24/2010 and I created the working time till 12/31/2010 in the system. Why this order is looking working time for this many days in advance. We are not using the master planning.

Can anyone help how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Define your following settings:

Scheduling method

Scheduling settings when updating production

Routing steps and associated times

Date the demand is set

Working time capacity on each work centre in teh routing based upon the calendar.

BOM component lead times for items not in stock.

Have you looked at the explosion on the works order?

That should be a start [:D]

Thanks Adam.

I found the fix for this. In the route, we have overhead hours and the process quantity on top of different operations. The problem was that the total overhead in hours was set to quantity of 1 instead of 50 which is the standard order quantity. When the production order was created for quantity of 50, it was multiplying the total hours by quantity to be produced which was requiring 5100 total procesing hours and was looking for working time ahead.

Silly mistake but hard to figure it out what went wrong. Anyway, I am posting the solution of this problem hoping it will help others.


please tell me the steps of doing this?

Change the quantity in the route creating the issue for you, depends if your issue is the same.