Workflow to Approve Vendors

We are trying to add an Approval Workflow for new Vendors created in Dynamics Ax.

But I have no clue how to go about implementing this.

I managed to create a workflow using this Workflow for Dummies Wizard

But it seems that it only starts after the Vendor record is created, and we need it to prevent the record from being used before it’s gone through approval.

How would we make the necessary changes to Ax to do this?

And how would we allow Vendors to be modified, but not let users use the modified vendor until it has been approved. But still use the Vendor witch it’s original information prior to the modification.

Do you have an ideas

You would have to only allow creations from the business relation and prevent creation in this manner. I beleive you need develoeprs to code all of the required elements and then you put them into a configuration.

To allow vendors to be modified but then have an approval process and use the old settings you would need to not update the record which would mean holding it somewhere else, I do not think the concept of the workflow would help you here, but I do not know it well, so you would need to experiment or ask your partner.