WorkFlow then EP does work ?

If we have enterprise portal running on system and then configure Workflow it works fine, but if I am doing vice versa workflow doesn’t seem to run means I had workflow running and later I installed EP . Any known issues ? What I have done so far after installing EP:-

  1. I have changed the port i.e. the default web-site port to 81 instead of by default 80 as 80 I kept for sharepoint.

  2. Restarting IIS service didn’t help even.

  3. Surprising part is when I log in into EP website using admin then the event log for workflow gets full with the following error message.

Exception thrown in SysWorkflowEventDispatcher-onAcknowledgeWorkflowActivation SysWorkflowEventDispatcher-raiseWorkflowActivationEvent : Web service failed: workflow id 000004_193 Client found response content type of ‘text/html; charset=utf-8’, but expected ‘text/xml’.
The request failed with the error message:


<input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" id="__VIEWSTATE" value="/wEPDwUKLTU2NjkxODU3M2RkFKOl3KNHTOkZTAFZeJIa <p>“In AX” it says webservice failed and display me this in my “alerts notification” with the following Message</p> <p>“The web service failed unexpectedly. Please refer to the Event Log “Microsoft Dynamics AX Workflow” for details."</p> <p>Any ideas what might be causing this ? Missing some Kb [*-)] AX 2009 SP1 Application Version: 5.0.1001.96</p>