Workflow submit for each PO Line

Hello ,

Can anyone please help on how can I submit workflow for each line of PO.
Let say I have 5 lines with different procurement category and My requirement is to when I submit the workflow it should go to 5 different people.

I have configured Purchase Order workflow and added the users but it is submitting to only one user that too on entire PO level not on each line level.

I under understand that there is purchase order line workflow template as well. Please help me on how to configure it

Hi, Haribabu!

You can create Purchase order line workflow in Procurement and sourcing/Setup/Procurement and sourcing workflows

Use this type to create review- and approval workflows for purchase order lines.

You can add Conditional decisions (elements) in the workflow based on Procurement category on the Purchase order line to direct the workflow instance to a different Approval elements assigned to different users.

Or you can create sequence of steps for Approval element where each step is run based on the Condition you define for the step. That Condition can be based on Procurement category on the PO line. Each step can be assigned to different approver(s).

You can learn more about how to configure workflows here:
Workflow system overview - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn