Workflow problems - URGENT

I have very dengerous problems which I can’t resolve till whole the day.

  1. I have a form. Which has button. On clicks of button the another form opens which has Workflow enabled. Now when the form opens on click of button, workflow not run. The same form if i run independantly, workflow runs very good.

  2. On the form where qorkflow enebled, has a table as workflowDataSource. When I apply innerjoin on this table, workflow not runnig, if I don’t apply any join, workflow runs very good. I had debug the code, but can’ find the solution.

Urgent help needed.


Second problem resolved by changing InnerJoin to delayed. First problem is still there

Hai abhishek,

For the fisrt problem, when you say Workflow doesnt work as expected on click of button .

What exactly is not working??

Hope you are able to submit the record! nd is it from thier on whether workflow is stopped??

I Would appreciate if you could explain the xact prob.